At last a professional carpet stain remover available to the public

Eco Freindly Stain Remover

In our line of work we continually come across carpets damaged by of the shelf carpet stain removers, main problems are bleaching, rapid re soiling and pile distortion.

Bleaching - Most of these products contain too much bleach and cause irreversible damage to your carpet.
Rapid Re soiling – Because they leave a sticky residue the dirt is attracted to the treated area of the carpet, IT MUST BE RINSED OUT.
Pile Distortion - This is due to people scrubbing the stain. A carpet stain should never be scrubbed.

For years my customers have been asking me “ What should I be using to remove a carpet stain” up until now I have been reluctant to recommend a product as the products we use as professional carpet cleaners must be rinsed out. Most people do not have the equipment to do this.

After years of trying to source a safe stain remover for my customers, I am delighted to have found one.

This professional stain remover is now available from us for only £9.99

or FREE with every booking taken and the chance to purchase additional ones at half the price.

Lightly spray the affected area (undiluted). Agitate with nothing more aggressive than your own fingers; wait a few minutes, then sponge toward the centre of the stain with clean white kitchen towel.

Call us today to have your carpets professionally cleaned and receive your FREE stain remover


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