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We specialise in commercial carpet cleaning, from offices, hotels, restaurants in fact any where there is carpeting to be cleaned to a high standard.

We are licensed Dry Fusion operators of the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects, then heat dries every type of carpet all in one process, and because it is patented, only licensed operators can use this amazing system of cleaning.
This system is ideal for large areas of carpets.

* Dry Fusion will clean, deodorise, stain-block and heat dry your carpets all in the one   process.
* Truly whisper quiet equipment for use in noise sensitive environment.
* Carpets dry in 30 minutes.
* Removes more stains than any other system.
* Approved by leading carpet manufacturers and is Woolsafe approved for use on wool, nylon and polypropylene fibres.

Please don’t just take my word on this. I am more than happy to give you a free demonstration in order for you to see the results we can achieve.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a service that they are 100% satisfied with.

Please see the video below which will show you a demonstration.


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Pile Lifter.

Pile lifting lifts fibres, removes grit and dry soil which scratch and dull carpet fibres. carpet_pilelifter
Commercial building maintenance programme's should include regular Pile lifting.

Research has shown that dry soil near entrances can reach a weight of 2-4 pounds per square yard! Efficient removal and control of dry soil are important to sustain carpet appearance and to extend carpet life.

Due to the use of dry powders, foams and high alkaline chemicals, many carpets are being replaced prematurely. Residue left by these systems is causing matting and crushing problems that are being incorrectly blamed on the mills and fibre producers. A pile lifter is the most effective tool for solving these problems. Pile lifting should be included in planned maintenance programme's and scheduled between extraction cleanings.

Our skillfully engineered and ruggedly built Pile Lifter is ideal for lifting sand, plaster dust, sawdust, broken glass, and almost any construction debris, in addition to heavily matted pile. It is a must for those concerned with total carpet care.

The Pile Lifter removes more dry soil and grit from carpets and rugs than any commercial vacuum. Pre-vacuuming will remove gritty soil and make the Dry Fusion system more effective.

Our Pile Lifter removes the deeply embedded dry matter from carpets while grooming the nap. Eliminates traffic patterns and will prolong the life of your carpets when used on a regular basis.

Certified's nylon tufted brush does not break, cut or pull pile loop and is recommended by several leading carpet mills.

Used to remove deeply embedded dirt in carpeting.
Raises nap and improves traffic patterns.





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